Images of the parent portal software available for parents of students

Parent Portal FAQ

How do I start using the parent portal?
You will receive an email from the school with an invitation to join the parent portal. Simply create your password to log into your new account. To get started, we suggest you read through the Parent Portal Guide at the bottom of this page.

Is there a parent portal mobile app?
Yes. You can download the app from your device store (Apple/IOS or Android) by searching for: "Sandbox Parent App"

Can I receive email notifications from the parent portal?

Yes. If you click on settings (gear icon) you can choose to have an email sent to you anytime you receive a new message in the parent portal or when a news post is made by the school or your child’s teacher. Please note, we do not use the child check in/check out notification feature.

Please note: Teachers will use the news feed to send out information about your child's class, post pictures, info about upcoming field trips, etc. So, if you don't have your notifications set to receive news feed items you wont see them or get any notifications

How do I message my child’s teacher?
You can message your teacher directly through the parent portal. Just click “messages” on the top navigation menu to open the message center. Important: Begin your message with To: [teacher name]. This will direct your message to that teacher.

How do I update my child’s health information (upload documents)?
Anytime your child has a doctor’s visit that includes information that needs to be updated (i.e immunizations, allergies, etc.) with the school, you can upload a copy of the visit summary and/or immunizations received. Just go to the “child info” tab and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on attachments and upload a copy of the document. The school receives a notification that you have uploaded the file. We will then review the information and update your child’s profile accordingly. You may also drop off these documents at the school.

How do I update contact and emergency information?
You can edit and/or add contact information in your parent portal at any time. Once you have edited or added any information, the school will be notified to review and approve the changes. This will ensure the school is aware of any changes and can pass on the new information to your child’s teacher.

How do I pay my tuition?
All parents receive an invoice through the parent portal system. Simply click on the billing tab to see your current and past invoices. If paying by credit card or bank transfer, click on the payment button from the invoice to submit your payment. If you would like to pay by cash or check, you can drop off your payment at the school. We will then adjust your invoice manually for the cash/check discount and mark it as paid.

​Can I have my payments automatically deducted?
Yes. You can add a credit card or bank Information to your parent profile so you do not have to manually enter your information every time. In addition, you may also choose to have the payments withdrawn automatically using this payment option. To add a payment option, go to the settings menu and click on "add payment method". Click “enable automatic withdrawal” if you would like your bill to be paid automatically upon receiving a new invoice.

Note: If you change to automatic withdrawal after an invoice has been published it will not pay that invoice. It will only auto pay invoices generated after you set automatic withdrawal.